Notice of officially launching OTC and Marketplace 


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Jack Tran as Chief Executive Office

Dear Customers

As we have announced previously, our OTC (Suzuverse Wallet) and Suzuverse Marketplace function will be launched at 11:00AM JST on Dec 30, this Friday.

The following features will be provided in this big release. Please click on the texts to access the features:

  1. NFT Marketplace (Suzuverse Marketplace)
  2. Function to purchase SZT for ETH along with Wallet functionality (OTC - Suzuverse Wallet)

The embedded links will be available when these features are launched. Customers can then access them to process to convert SZT to ETH as well as make withdrawal requests.

Also, we’d like to inform you that we will verify customer requests for converting SZT within 24 hours after it is made. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday; 11 AM - 7 PM JST. We will be off during the weekend and international holidays. Thank you so much for your kind understanding!

After the purchase, you will also be able to send the information to your other ETH address at your discretion. Please note that your ETH after the purchase is out of our jurisdiction for the purpose of complying with Japanese law. We cannot do anything with your ETH, so you are responsible for managing it all by yourself. Please note that even if you contact our support, we will not be able to do anything about it.

We have prepared an FAQ for you to check before using our new features. Please help check our articles below:

  1. Suzuverse Marketplace:

      2. OTC trading:

We hope these articles can be helpful to our valuable customers. 

Thank you so much for your continued support!


For further inquiries, please contact
SUZUWALK Customer Support Department