Notice on explanation video about SUZUVERSE: “Past SUZUVERSE and future SUZUVERSE”




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Jack Tran as Chief Executive Office


Dear customer,


We are delighted to inform you that we have just uploaded our first ever detailed explanation video for SUZUVERSE on our Youtube channel: “Past SUZUVERSE and future SUZUVERSE”.

We will be talking about these contents in the video:

  1. Introduction / SUZUVERSE and SUZUWALK to date
  2. Report on figures through November 2022 (registrants and sales)
  3. Schedule for December 2022
  4. Schedule for January - March 2023 
  5. Schedule for April - June 2023
  6. Schedule for July - September 2023 
  7. Schedule for October - December 2023 
  8. Schedule for October - December 2023 Schedule 2 
  9. Outlook for 2024 and beyond


Please check our video here: Past SUZUVERSE and future SUZUVERSE

We hope this video can help you understand more about our SUZUVERSE and our future plans for it.

Please feel free to share with us your comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. We will be posting more videos about SUZUVERSE in the future.


Thank you so much for your great support!


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